About Wren Kin

GW Wren and family

GW Wren and Lawrence Ann Mitchell, Lexie Mae Wren (holding doll) and Jewell Ann Wren (in carriage), circa 1898. This photo is owned by Billie Farrow and is used with her permission.

In 1990, Ruth Wren created the Wren Family Organization and the Wren Kin Newsletter as a method of sharing information with those family researchers focusing on the ancestors and descendants of William Wren of Virginia: Wrens, Wrenns, Rens, and even Renns.

With her permission and assistance, this website continues her work.

The Wren DNA Surname Project is resurrected at FamilyTreeDNA!

If you bear the surname of Wren, Wrenn, Ren, Renn, etc. please consider joining the Wren DNA Surname Project at FamilyTreeDNA.

True or false: “We are descended from Sir Christopher Wren!”

Hundreds of Wren(n) genealogies make this claim, and yet there is absolutely no documentation proving a connection with his line.

Unfortunately, Sir Christopher Wren has no documented living descendants, but we might be able to compare DNA with descendants of his uncles, because they would carry the same Y-chromosome. Let’s use science to settle this question once and for all. Please consider joining the Wren Kin DNA Surname Project.

Contribute to Wren Kin!

Wren Family Association members are encouraged to share information such as family group sheets, pedigree charts, and vital statistics. Together we can unravel our family puzzles!

If you have a Wren family group sheet, copies of wills, deeds, Bible pages, vital records, photographs, etc., please consider sharing them with us. Our goal is to make such documents freely available to other Wren/Wrenn/Ren/Renn researchers. You might have the document that breaks down someone else’s brick wall!

All documents shared with us will be cited as being “from the collection of [your name] in [your town],” unless you would prefer to remain anonymous online. We don’t need the original. Just a scan, photocopy or clear digital photograph (with provenance–this is a must!) will be sufficient and will contribute to a wonderful cause: the preservation of Wren family history!